Low-code Platform ILLA Cloud Announces Successful Angel Round of Investing

ILLA Cloud, a low-code platform that enables anyone to build applications without coding, has announced a successful angel round of investing led by prominent investors. The funding will help Illa Cloud expand its product and market reach.

Low-code Platform ILLA Cloud Announces Successful Angel Round of Investing

ILLA, an open-source software company that provides low-code tools to accelerate companies’ internal tools building with rich API implements, has announced a successful angel round of fundraising. The company is backed by several well-known VCs, including GL Ventures, Source Code Capital, and MiraclePlus(Former YCombinator China).

The successful round of investment comes at an exciting time for the company, which has ambitious plans to expand its operations. Billing itself as a ‘Figma for developers’, ILLA is a low-code platform that lets developers build internal tools in just minutes and therefore spend time on other tasks such as website design and integrations instead.

Through industry experience, the founders of ILLA understand the importance of data analysis collaborations among operations, marketing, and other teams in companies. However, they also understand that developing such a tool can be tedious for developers, and ultimately only a small number of people in a company will frequently use such a tool.

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Therefore, ILLA decided to construct a low-code tool to further address these pain points. ILLA’s flexibility allows developers to fill the gaps in their existing SaaS programs, and freely build the functions as required by their team.

“It is our vision to deploy next-generation features, such as real-time collaboration and cloud service, to build an evolutionary tool to facilitate working efficiency. We firmly believe that simplifying developers’ work will lead to more value creation” said Owen Chen, CEO of ILLA.

ILLA Cloud is the commercialization support platform of ILLA and will be go live before the beginning of 2023. Developers will quickly be able to use the ILLA Cloud to build apps on any device for an affordable price. Also, users can use ILLA CLI for free, which can better satisfy security requests for users to self-host the tool.

ILLA provides one-click deployment to ensure the smoothest experience for its customers, thereby bringing about what the company hopes will be organic growth in the open-source community. ILLA is also focusing on advocating open-source projects. With a strong belief in knowledge sharing, ILLA has embarked on a strategy for pivoting with open-source communities, projects, and contributors, supporting projects, such as PingCAP and MariaDB in their “Action” features.

API support is another critical feature of ILLA. Integrating third-party APIs smoothly into ILLA’s components can improve the user experience significantly. To deliver on these ambitious plans, ILLA has recruited Google and JetBrains open-source evangelists onto the team.

With more new features like tables, charts, and containers, ILLA’s latest version 1.3.0 is expected to launch soon.

About ILLA

ILLA is an open-source software company that provides a low-code platform with API implementations to accelerate client companies’ internal tool building. ILLA Cloud will further facilitate developers to create apps for any device. For more information, please visit its GitHub page at github.com/illacloud/illa-builder and the official website at illacloud.com.

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